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TRI"O" was founded in Moscow in 1985 by Sergey Letov, Arcady Kirichenko (tuba) and Arcady Shilkloper (French horn). The first performance took place at art exhibition of the avant-garde group "21". Alexandr Alexandrov has come in 1989 and Yury Parfenov - in 1992. Originally ensemble has won a recognition among the underground artists - playing at art exhibitions, literary evenings, happenings, modern art festivals, etc.
Since 1986 TRI-O participates in jazz festivals all over ex-USSR, in Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy. TRI"O" made a lot of tours on jazz clubs of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Finland, USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, playing at such clubs as "Knitting Factory", "Anyway" (New York), "Bimhuis"(Amsterdam), "Blue Tomato"(Vienna) and Sud des Alpes"(Geneva).
Together with Serguei Kuryokhin and his POP MECHANICS they played at Russia, Italy, Denmark. Together with the Danish guitar player Pierre Dørge and his band NEW EAST-WEST JUNGLE ORCHESTRA they played in Russia, Denmark and Germany. The musicians of TRI"O" realize themselves in different forms of art activities, among them are theater festivals - in Oslo, Yaroslavl, Odessa, - poetry festivals - in Milan and Kostroma, festivals of the avant-garde art in Volgograd and Moscow, festival of Russian Culture in Nice (France), - and also in collaboration with the theaters of Anatoly Vassiliev, Mikhail Mokeev, cinema and TV.
TRI-O: Sergey Letov, Yury Parfenov, Arkady FreeMan (Kirichenko)

Of course, one needn't be an Afro or American derivative to employ the structure, strategies, and freedoms of jazz. [...] particularly provocative small unit - Trio.., led by soprano sax/flute/bass clarinet Sergei Letov... delved deeply into themselves for motives and vocabularies. They emerge with music based on personal and social experiences, generated by the same faith in spontaneous, self-aware utterance and life's vital pulse that gave rise to the earliest and sustains the newest jazz."

Howard Mandel DOWN BEAT, Sept. 1988


  1. THREE HOLES. Modern music ensemble 'Three"O"'. Melodia (USSR) C60-28461, 1989 LP
  2. LENINGRAD JAZZ INTERNATIONAL'89. Melodia C60-30587,1990 LP
  3. DOCUMENT. New Music from Russia. Leo Records (England) CD LR 805
  4. CONSPIRACY. Zurich 1989. Leo Records CD LR 810
  5. TRIALOGUE. SoLyd Records SLR 0031 (Russia)
  6. TRI-O and single D.A. Prigov HOR Records HCD 056a
  7. TriO and Sainkho
    Forgotten Streets of St. Petersburg
    Leo Records CD LR 439


  1. Have been Lenin in Lvov? 001 CD
    TRI-O (S. Letov, A. Alexandrov, Yu. Parfenov) + Yury Yaremchuk. Open air live concert in Lvov.
  2. TRI-O. Three Holes of Woman. Live at Seattle. CD 006
    TRI-O (S. Letov, A. Kirichenko, A. Alexandrov) meets Billy Tipton's Memorial Saxophone Quartet in Seattle, July 1990 
  3. TRI-O Radioactivity. 008 CD.
    TRI-O live concert (Letov, Alexandrov, Parfenov) at Architect House, Moscow November, 27 1999. Recorded by Radio Russia for European Radio Union.
  4. TRI-O. Mickey Mouse - kaputt! 032 CD
  5. 44. TRI-O at SKIF, Petersburg 200 034 CD